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SomnoDent MAS™… A proven treatment for sleep apnea and snoring (and it fits in the palm of your hand).

The SomnoDent MAS™ is a Mandibular Advancement Appliance. Mandibular is the technical term referring to your lower jaw. This snoring and sleep apnea appliance is designed to keep your airways open while you sleep. It moves your lower jaw forward, to create a space in the back of your throat and makes sure it keeps the mandible and tongue from falling back. As well as opening the airways, it is made to  calm and smooth the muscles of the airway to reduce turbulence so air flows better.

(Mandibular advancement appliances are also known as mandibular advancement devices (MADs) or mandibular repositioning appliances (MRAs)

Unlike other snoring devices on the market, the SomnoDent MAS™ is a precise snoring appliance custom designed for each person; it is designed as an alternative to CPAP and to assist you in alleviating your snoring. Even in severe cases the Somnodent can be effective but in some cases it is  best to combine the Somnodent with a CPAP which allows the CPAP pressure to be turned down to make the CPAP more comfortable… in severe cases, a  combination of Somnodent plus CPAP is more effective than CPAP alone.

The SomnoDent MAS™ is an oral appliance, which fits over the upper and lower teeth, much like a sports mouthguard. However, unlike a sports mouthguard it is a precision-made, clinically-tested medical device. It is highly effective (in most cases) in stopping snoring and treating obstructive sleep apnea in the mild to moderate range.


Advantages and Benefits of SomnoDent

  • Clinically validated
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use
  • Small and discreet
  • Safe and effective
  • One year warranty + 1 year extended
  • FDA approved for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and snoring
  • Allows normal mouth opening and closing
  • Permits speech and drinking
  • Easily adjustable
  • Custom-fit design to your needs
  • Successful treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)
  • Unrivalled patient acceptance and compliance
  • Durable (made from premium grade materials)
  • Clinical Trials of SomnoDent MAS™

The SomnoDent MAS™ has been tested in clinical trials, with the results published in several respected medical journals. It is the only oral appliance with such a large body of clinical research to validate its effectiveness.


3 Good Reasons to Choose the SomnoDent MAS™:

  • Comfort.It is the most comfortable and discreet mandibular advancement appliance available.
  • Effective.Its effectiveness to treat snoring and mild to moderate OSA has been clinically validated. (Note: success in all cases cannot be guaranteed.)
  • Good value. Given the quality, comfort, likelihood of success, manufacturer’s warranty and long life of the appliance, it provides true value for money.


SomnoDent MAS™ is Comfortable

The snoring remedy and sleep apnea appliance – SomnoDent – is tailor-made and created just for you. The appliance  is placed over the teeth while you sleep and  consists of lower and upper dental plates, customized to fit your mouth. This customization allows for normal mouth opening and closing and ultimately provides supreme comfort.

To optimize your health and get answers to your snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia and all sleep disorder questions, your search has ended.


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