Weight Gain

Sleep loss increases appetites and… waist lines.


In a perfect world, we would all sleep and wake up lighter.

No grapefruit diet plan. No working out for hours at the gym. No herbal supplements or magic pill. Just sleep and wake up weighing less than we went to bed.

Sound like a dream? Wait a minute. There is definitely some truth here. The key to weight loss can be as simple as getting adequate rest.

Research shows people who lack proper shut eye tend to weigh more than those who have regular, good quality sleep. There is certainly a vital balance between good sleep and good health. People with sleep deficiencies have altered levels of the hormone that controls hunger. This causes an increase in your appetite and also in your craving for high calorie foods.

When your body is cheated of sleep, there are numerous physical consequences. Lack of sleep affects your hormones,  appetite and  mood. When you are tired, you tend to crave comfort foods and are more likely to indulge your cravings. Rather than grabbing for the celery sticks, you chose chocolate, chips and candy.

You need sleep, not food

Although you may feel like you’ve received a temporary boost in your energy, you will find you are hungry more frequently. Because the real problem is your sleepiness and not your hunger, it can lead you not just in making poor choices but  poor choices more frequently.

Furthermore, when you are tired, you are less resistant to stress, which can trigger emotional eating for many. People will use food to stay awake, , failing to recognize it’s sleep your body is craving, not  food.

What does this mean? Lack of sleep can increase your appetite and encourage weight gain. Anyone who encounters the late night munchies can testify to that.

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