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Snoring Problem? Alternative snoring devices that work more effectively than CPAP.


Do you need a stop snoring device? A snoring prevention device designed to keep your airways open while you sleep? A snoring appliance to eliminate your log-sawing? We have what you are looking for.

An oral appliance or snoring device can eliminate your snoring and can alleviate the conditions of sleep apnea. The device is worn over your teeth and is designed to keep your airways open at night. It helps to generate more space in the back of the throat.

This newfound space in the back of your throat reduces the collapsing and obstruction of your throat tissue which cause snoring, reduced air flow, leading to sleep apnea.


Proven Snoring Solution 

The device, which prevents snoring, stops your jaw from dropping back, ensuring your airways are open. It allows you to breath without any obstructions and keeps the mandible and tongue from falling back.

Similar to a sports mouthguard, this device is an oral sleep appliance that you wear only when you want to sleep. When you sleep, your muscles relax, your tongue drops back and your throat can collapse. The obstruction stops you from breathing and your oxygen levels drop significantly.

This harmful and dangerous pattern is called sleep apnea. It can be corrected by ensuring your airway stay open. This can be achieved with the help of a relatively simple yet effective sleep apnea appliance.


Sleep problem alternatives have never been this comfortable.

The sleeping device is designed with an adjustable lower jaw advancement to enhances its effectiveness and makes the appliance both effective and comfortable.

The majority of clients that have tested an oral sleep appliance versus CPAP, recommend this as a highly effective solution. A solution as a snoring cure and a solution for sleep apnea (in mild to moderate cases). Its efficiency coupled with extraordinary levels of patient tolerance have been well documented and backed by a large body of clinical research. Even in severe cases the Somnodent can be very effective but it might be best to combine the Somnodent with a CPAP which allows the CPAP pressure to be turned down to make the CPAP more comfortable… in severe cases the combination of Somnodent plus CPAP is more effective than CPAP alone.


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