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Risk Factors for Safety Increase…When Sleep Decreases


“And today we ask why this man had to leave this world so soon…” Why? Because he fell asleep behind the wheel !

After their annual family vacation, the Crawfords were heading down the highway on the home stretch.. The kids were fast asleep in the back seat, exhausted from their holiday adventures. Trevor and Kate were recapping the week’s events when suddenly, an SUV, heading down the opposite side of the highway careened into the ditch, proceeded to flip over and roll about six times before coming to a complete stop.

Shocked by what they had seen, they scanned the papers the following morning to determine the fate of the vehicle’s occupants. The lone occupant of the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. The paper reported the cause of the crash: “the driver is thought to have fallen asleep at the wheel”.


Impaired sleep – a major cause of accidents. Plain and simple.

Fatigue and carelessness resulting from sleep loss, contribute to many more disasters than we’re aware of. More than one-third of people polled, who admitted they had driven while drowsy, indicated they have fallen asleep at the wheel!

While it shocks no one to learn lack of sleep can affect emotions and trigger a bad mood, it may be astounding to realize that sleep deprived individuals have the reaction time of someone under the influence of alcohol. A recent study indicates sleep deprived folks account for well over half of all accidents on the road.

Inadequate amounts of sleep affect your reaction time and attentiveness. Workplace related accidents result in financial burdens affecting businesses, society, the health care system and obviously, the individual. Almost 20 percent of all workplace related injuries occur because of a person’s fatigue.

Driving while drowsy sounds harmless enough. Going about your daily routine when you are sleep deprived doesn’t appear to be hurting anyone. The truth is – it can be and is dangerous. Sleepiness is a non-discriminating problem and can impair your reaction time, your physical and mental capabilities and your ability to process information and make judgments.

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