Bad sleep equals Bad relationships


It’s a story that plays out in numerous bedrooms around the world…

A bed partner is prone to snoring, while the other person spends their night nudging, elbowing and grumbling through yet another sleepless night. At some point, in those dark, wee morning hours, a trek to the uncomfortable couch or spare bedroom happens. Usually the snorer is completely unaware of what has taken place. Completely unaware their spouse is annoyed, discontent and ready to move out.

A peaceful night’s sleep could be the secret to a successful marriage.
While snoring and its related problems are preventing YOU from getting a full and restful sleep, you likely don’t recognize the damage it’s taking on your relationships. You don’t recognize the damage and you don’t fully appreciate what your partner is going through.

If you wake during the night or if you struggle with continuous snoring, your bed partner’s sleep is equally compromised if they are, night after night, exposed to your terrible sleep habits, their sleep is being equally compromised.

Both people lack the proper amount of sleep, resulting in an increase in tension, conflict and ultimately a strain on the relationship.


Snoring is no joke

Snoring is often dismissed as a joke, but it can lead to relationship breakdown. Partners can’t endure the disrupted sleep and the ensuing emotional toll it takes on both of them.

Outside the bedroom, other relationships are being damaged as well. Friends, co-workers and other family members can sense even the subtle changes in your personality. A simple conversation can result in  irritation, intolerance and impatience with others. It’s not you talking – it’s your lack of sleep!

While your sleep loss is unlikely to destroy an otherwise secure relationship, it can certainly intensify problems or disagreements. When your head is fuzzy, your eyes hurt and you can’t communicate effectively, problem sleepers often become depressed and dissatisfied with life and their own relationships. Even interactions with children can be negatively impacted.

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