Loss of Libido

Lack of sleep sabotaging your sex life?


Let’s face it. Not many men will openly discuss – never mind admitting – they have problems getting romantic.

With male pride in the way and a subject that is slightly taboo, this secret is kept highly classified, shared between himself and his partner.

Woody Allen once said “Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing”.

If you suffer from impotence, you would agree this it is no laughing matter. It’s a frustrating, embarrassing and uncomfortable position to be in. You may not have any physical barrier standing in your way. The main obstacle you are combating is a complete lack of desire. You have no longing to be intimate. No craving for sex. Your libido has all but packed up and booked the next flight out.


A major hurdle between you and your next passionate night – could be sleep (or a lack thereof).

Sleep is crucial for all areas of your health, including your sex life. New evidence suggests a man’s testosterone levels and the variations could be linked to sleep deprivation.

A  man’s testosterone level varies and usually declines with age. High levels of the hormone have been linked to improved blood pressure, hair loss and a shrinking waistline. Decreased libido, loss of interest in romance and the inability to maintain an erection, may be the result of inadequate levels of testosterone.

Snoring and/or sleep apnea critically hinder sleep quality. Not getting enough rest can be extremely damaging to your sex life. Most men would attribute problems between the sheets to external factors: stress, work, kids, money, responsibilities, family obligations, etc. The truth is, sleep deprived men have disrupted body clocks and a much poorer libido than those getting adequate sleep each night.

Reports indicate men who habitually snore or suffer from sleep apnea secrete abnormally low levels of testosterone during the night. The lack of this hormone results in a malfunctioning libido and can lead to bouts of impotence and lack of desire.

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to ensure a healthy libido,  including a nutritious diet, ensuring you get your heart rate increasing on a regular basis and reducing and managing stress. Most importantly, you need sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Your sex life depends on it.

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