Job Performance

Lack of sleep seriously affects job performance.


“I’m sorry that we have to do this, but we need someone who’s actually awake on the job.”

The company’s 2:00 meeting is hours away. You are propping your head up just to stay awake. How are you ever going to get through a boring presentation in a stuffy, airless boardroom? Maybe you canrun out for some fresh air and a dark roast extra large coffee. Then again, maybe you can just curl up under your desk and hope no one notices you are missing . . .

Fatigued employees cost organizations and companies billions of dollars in lost productivity. What does that mean for you? It could mean the loss of your job! Caffeine-stimulated and sleep deprived employees have an terrible rate of job satisfaction, barring other factors, lack of sleep alone can lead them to hating their jobs. That news isn’t too promising for employers, given the general workforce is getting less sleep on average.

Research shows people unsatisfied with their jobs leave their companies at a higher rate than those happy and committed to their positions. Tired employees are more likely to miss work and have an increase in absenteeism; as a coping mechanism and due to health-related problems, employees will fail to show for work.


Are you dealing with customers directly?

If your position requires you to deal face to face or on the phone with clients and customers, being tired this can negatively impact your company’s bottom line. The connection between happy employees and satisfied customers is obvious although sleep deprived workers are virtually alienating some of their customers.

When you are tired, your mind and body don’t function at normal capacity, making it hard to get through the work day. You lack concentration – routinely making mistakes, showing your impatience with co-workers and showing apathy toward your job.

Lack of attention and fatigue lead to on-the-job accidents and errors in judgment. This lack of judgment can lead to dire consequences for you and your company. You or someone you know might be in a position that requires you to operate machinery, drive vehicles and use tools and electric gear. A slightly impaired judgement– too slow a reaction time, a miscalculation of distance – can lead to grave harm and even death.

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