Antidepressants – responsible for the rise of sleep disorders.


People with sleep disorders are more predisposed to depression.

Everyone has felt a little down in the dumps, a little blue – not wanting to face the day at some point. These feelings of sadness are normal but when they last, they can be the early stages or onset of depression. Depression intensifies your feelings of sadness, lasts for extended periods of time and prevents you from leading a normal life.

Lack of sleep alone typically doesn’t cause depression. It does in many cases play a significant role. Lack of sleep makes depression worse by upsetting your daily routine and interfering with your personal, professional and social lives.

A recent study states people who have sleep problems are likely to develop depression and/or depression-like symptoms. The risk of depression is connected to the severity of the sleep disorder. The shorter or poorer quality of sleep you get at night is directly reflected in the seriousness of the symptoms. Another study reports people with depression are five times more likely to have a breathing-related sleep disorder than  people who are not depressed.


Antidepressants may cause sleep problems or disorders

When depression sets in, antidepressants are often prescribed. We all know they can lift a person’s mood. Some antidepressants can also cause or aggravate sleep disorders. One such disorder – REM behavior disorder – finds people acting out their often violent dreams, during sleep.

Doctors are noticing this trend in younger and younger patients, often seeing patients relying on antidepressants. They state this disorder is on the rise as more people turn to the broad use of medication. Knowing what the chemicals are doing to the brain, doctors aren’t surprised at the side affects associated with the drugs.

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