About CPAP

Do you live in Los Angeles and are you using CPAP?


Explain CPAP?

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. While you sleep, a machine rectifies sleep apnea symptoms and aids in snoring prevention.


How does CPAP work?

A continuous air flow is forced through your nose. When your muscles relax while asleep, this steady pressure prevents your airways from collapsing. The result is you maintain a constant oxygen level through the night.


Is CPAP a cure for sleep apnea?

CPAP cannot cure sleep apnea – it’s a temporary solution preventing from the suffering of symptoms.


Is a prescription needed for CPAP?

Yes, a prescription is needed to purchase a unit.


Are there different models of CPAP machines?

There are three basic types:

  • CPAP – delivers one constant level of pressure
  • CPAP – starts  at a low pressure, senses when you are having a sleep apnea event and then raises the pressure to accommodate and rectify the problem
  • BiPAP – uses a higher pressure while you inhale and lower pressure while you exhale


Are there any alternatives to CPAP?

Yes, by changing diet or lifestyle certain patients’ sleep apnea can be altered. Oral appliances – a device used in re-positioning your jaw and/or tongue – are also available. In extreme and severe cases, some people may require surgery.


Does CPAP need to be used every night?

Yes, the benefits of CPAP are only obtained when instructions are followed precisely. This includes wearing the device nightly. Even missing one night can result in a sleep apnea episode.


What about travel?

The CPAP machine is fine for travel – it is able to be transported. If flying, talk to the airline company ahead of time to make arrangements or determine their policy.  Your CPAP machine could be damaged if left in your checked luggage so plan to carry it on.

 When traveling by car or planning  a camping trip, CPAP machines are available with options to accommodate those plans. Research units can run on batteries or can be operated while plugged into your car lighter.

Does insurance cover CPAP?

Sleep apnea is a serious condition. It has been linked to numerous health problems. Insurance policies vary, however, many cover CPAP. It’s in their best interest to do so as a preventative measure.

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Sleep deprivation can lead to serious medical problems. When improperly treated, it can increase the risks to your health. Choosing a dentist who has experience with sleep disorders and  is qualified to treat them is crucial to your health or the health of a loved one.


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