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Do you suffer from sleep problems? Symptoms like: lack of sleep, snoring or breathing issues (sleep apnea) are often caused by DENTAL problems. Please come in for our comprehensive Sleep Diagnosis. Book a CONSULTATION or 2ND OPINION today.

Is lack of sleep ‘killing’ you?

• What is a sleep disorder? • Making you sleep • Sleep Disorder Effects
• Is it dangerous? • Getting rid of CPAP • Do I have it?
• What cost is involved? • Sleep Disorder Causes • Dentist for Sleep Apnea?
• Sleep Diagnosis • Sleep Loss Symptoms • Better Health Solutions

1. Test yourself. Right now, right here.

You may be unaware of the destruction that is happening when you lack sleep. If you knew that your current Sleep Disorder symptoms will lead to big future issues, doesn’t it make sense to take action NOW? Snoring issues, Sleep Apnea or Insomnia can be life threatening… Do the sleep test


2. Sleep Disorder Diagnosis & Consultation

Imagine a world – your world – where you are not plagued by drowsiness and fatigue. A world in where you look forward to a restful night’s sleep and get it! A world in where you face the day refreshed and invigorated; ready for what life throws at you. Read more


3. Feel like your sleep problem is ‘killing’ you?

You aren’t the only one wondering about this as over half of all adults are getting less than the recommended daily hours of sleep required. More and more people say their sleep problem disrupts their lives and affects their partner’s lives too. 
How does sleep loss affect your life? Read more


Why Us?

What is it you need most? Relief from snoring, breathing problems, long sleepless nights? Hopefully a happier, healthier life?

Los Angeles Sleep Disorders has been providing Sleep Disorder Solutions for more than 25 years. Come in for a Sleep Disorder Diagnosis, and let us show you how we provide effective non-surgical solutions to get help get rid of your sleep problem.

Getting started is very easy. Read through the resources on this website and schedule a consultation. Then get ready to smile again!

How lack of sleep affects your life… Read more

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